Electronic Flexible Strip Feeder


1560mm x 1220mm x 1690mm (LxPxH)

600 Kgs.

Length: From 800mm to 1150mm
Width: From 80mm to 320mm
Max Thickness: 0,40mm

The strip feeder is a very flexible machine that can be applied to a press, and it’s studied to feed in an automatic and continuous way the press with metal strips of various length, width and thickness. The format change is extremely fast and can be realized in 15/20 minutes following the instructions on the manual.
The investment for this machine can be rapidly amortized as it allows to automate the production line. Other benefits of using this machine are the following: to lower the risk of working injuries to the personnel, to higher the production considerably and to save material as the striped are stamped with a much higher precision.
This machine is very easy to combine with the existing presses thanks to its electronic connection which allows to simplify the fitting operation, so that your mechanical technician can easily do that. The most suitable presses for the application are the C-frame leaning presses (even if the machine can work also with vertical presses).
The metal strips are stacked in the “Strips Warehouse” and get individually separated and led into the guides, then pushed towards the die by a cart provided with sprockets. Once the whole strip was pressed, the remaining part (metal waste) is extracted by a rolling extractor.