Double Station Curler – Liner


Machine Dimensions:

3600 mm x 1455 mm x 2030 mm (LxPxH)

Approx. Machine Weight:

2500 Kgs.

The double station automatic curler – liner is built to curl and line the bottoms flange in the first station, and to line the finned tops or lever tops in the second station.

The machine frame is made of welded steel and coated, the structure will be mounted in two stations.

To simplify the format change and the maintenance, the heads are releasable and can be tilted 60° to the rear of the machine by a pneumatic cylinder, actuated by a selector switch.

The machine is provided with 2 stations that work alternately and can be excluded depending on the product it’s working on (bottoms or tops), and will perform the following operations:

a) Station N° 1: curling and lining of bottoms
b) Station N° 2: lining of tops

At the entrance of the machine two separators put into phase the lids one by one, which will be engaged by the feeding bars moved by an oscillation system, and then positioned under the working stations. The oscillation system allows the lids to be maintained under the curler-liner for a longer period of time, in order to perform superior quality curling and lining. The lifting of the curling and lining mandrels is also performed by an oscillation system and the rotation speed is controlled by an inverter.

The advancement of the curling rolls is performed by a mechanical cam, and independent of the mechanics of the machine this curling station can be switched off in case the curling operation is not required, performing only the lining of the lids. The curling rolls are built with a specific material depending on the type of work required. A micro-lubrication system of the profile is installed, in order to extend the life of rolls.

The first station is equipped with a lining nozzle for the lids. At the end of the curling and lining operation, the lid will move on to the exit of the machine passing through the second station (which is excluded, but it’s used to lift the lid so that the bar feeding system can have enough space to go back for the next operation). During the lining operation of lids, the first station will be excluded and the only operation performed is the lifting of the lid so that the bar feeding system have enough space to return in position. In the meantime the second station will perform the rotation of the lids and the subsequent lining.

At the end of the curling and lining operation, the lid will exit the machine.

The output of the machine will be equipped with a tape (optional) that will bring ends or lids to the stacking station.