Double Curler


Machine Dimensions:

1900 mm x 1900 mm x 1120 mm (LxPxH)

Approx. Machine Weight:

900 Kgs.

The double curler can be built either with single motor drive for curling disks and magnetic lowerator, or with independent motor drives for curling discs and lowerator running on a power inverter.
The second solution is particularly recommended where very long tilting twisters are used (so as to allow the pushing force at the outlet to be calibrated exactly), and also where the production speed of the components can vary considerably.
The curler inlet can also be fitted with an alarm system to signal obstructions by using micro-switches that set-in when there is a jam of components, and a photocell monitoring system for checking the components at the exit from the twister.
The curler is mounted on special brackets that allow the angle adjustment. This way it can be adapted to presses with various angles with no need for any modification.