Disk Feeder


1560mm x 1220mm x 1690mm (LxPxH)

600 Kgs.

Length: From 800mm to 1150mm
Width: From 80mm to 320mm
Max Thickness: 0,40mm

The automatic disk feeder is a machine that was engineered mainly to recover the disks coming from the production of rings. Our machine allows to easily recover the material that was once considered as waste, granting a very interesting productivity. Disks are placed in the destacker which, through a suction cup and specific scrapers system, separates them singularly. The thickness is then automatically verified and the disk is sent to feed the press. The expulsion of the piece from the die is always automatically controlled (and, whether there is, also the trimming explusion). The maximum speed working on full-disks (with no trim) can be up to 120 pcs/min, and the format changes (if needed) can be very quick.
The disk size that can be used on the machine goes from a minimum size of 60 mm up to a maximum size of 160 mm. with the standard equipment (customization is available upon customer’s request anyway).

Equipment is normally provided together with its own press mainly because the feeder is driven by it and also because there are several cams, valves and sensors mounted on the press’s driving shaft which effect the proper functioning of the whole system.